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We are
Blue Jean Software

Founded in 2000, Blue Jean Software provides world class custom software development resources and services to clients worldwide.

About us

We work with global product owners using an Agile methodology to deliver the product you expect.

Located in beautiful northern San Diego County, Blue Jean Software is comprised of a group of talented and seasoned software & electronics development professionals dedicated to meeting or exceeding all of our client's development needs. Our developers are responsible for numerous successful software products and have a history of delivering on schedule. Below is just a few of the services we can provide.

  • UX & UI resources and reviews
  • C# & UWP experience
  • XAML & advanced WPF
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • C, C++, C++/CLI & assembly
  • SOA and Web Services
  • IoT, Raspberry PI, Arduino
  • Low-level and embedded

Windows desktop & UWP user interface and user experience experts.

Avoid flustrating your users with a difficult or confusing user interface. We know how to use user-centric graphics to express complex data and concepts. We use XAML to compose engaging and immersive UIs that enhance your app.

We are masters of image & video analysis and processing.

Cameras are everywhere and our deep understanding of images and video can jump-start your imaging project. We use the latest image APIs and AI technologies to perform complex image and video processing.

IoT has opened up opportunities and facilitates rapid prototyping.

We have a variety of IoT device experience and a strong background in electronics and hardware/software integration. We're comfortable with things like I2C, MPUs, stepper motors and IMUs.

We like OOD, C#/C++, Mobile UI/UX, .NET Core, Python, AI etc.

We use S.O.L.I.D priciples to develop modern moble or web software using C#, C++, ASP.NET and Javascript. Python is our prefered AI scripting environment and we love .NET Core's portability.


.NET Consulting

We have broad technical knowledge of Microsoft's .NET Framework, UWP and .NET Core.

UI/UX Design

Our extensive UI experience can help compose an intuitive and immersive enviroment for your users.

C#/C++ Implementation

Using OOD principles and modern design patterns, we can accelerate the progress of your project.

IoT Design & Development

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Networking & Services

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Blue Jean Software is proud to have served these clients.

Our founder

Chuck Hedrick

Founder/CEO and Sr. Managing Architect

Chuck Hedrick founded Blue Jean Software in 2000 and has more than 30 years experience. Currently he oversees the day-to-day operations at Blue Jean Software.


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